Test your GFCI's

Aug 12, 2015
Time to test your GFCI’s. GFCI’s should be tested at least once a month. This is an important safety precaution, GFCI’s save lives, but can only do so if they are functioning. To test GFCI’s made from 2006 through the present, pressing the test switch and having to press the reset to return the outlet to function is a sufficient test, however for those receptacles manufactured 2006 or before need a more comprehensive test performed. This requires a GFCI circuit tester, these testers are relativity inexpensive (Dale Electric Supply carries a couple models Morris 59090 $6.56, Ideal 61-501 $12.51 and Greenlee GT-10GFI $13.56) if the receptacle fails, it needs to be replaced. You can find a wide selection of GFCI receptacles on page 3 of our catalog

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