New Lighting at Glens Falls Civic Center

Aug 31, 2015
Hill Electric is proud to have been awarded the contract to update the Glens Falls Civic Centers arena lighting. Working with the Glens Falls Civic Center and our suppliers to create a state of the art lighting system. Hill Electric Supply was able to develop a solution using LED technology that met the Glens Falls Civic Center’s lighting needs and cost requirements. The lighting that will be installed over the next couple months will decrease the energy cost / usage by more than 50% while increasing the amount of light by 2 times. That is correct 2X the lighting for 1/2 of the energy. The new lighting system is instant on and it is dimmable. This means that the lighting does not have to be turned on early to “warm up”. More light and less energy usage could be enough, but they are not all of the advantages of The new lighting being installed; longer life is another major benefit by needing less maintenance as there is greater time between replacements. Finally, end of life disposal is easy as the materials used to manufacture the LED lights are more environmentally friendly than metal halide or fluorescent.

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