Finding the Right LED Bulb

Feb 7, 2018
LEDs offer the latest in lighting technology, providing a solution for every situation. But with so many options it can feel overwhelming when trying to find the perfect light. We're here to help! Keep these key features in mind when choosing your light and you'll find the LED you need in no time. We encourage you to ask for assistance to achieve the best lighting.

- Lumens per Watt: How energy efficient is the bulb? A traditional 60w incandescent bulb produces about 15 lumens per watt, but a typical A shape LED bulb has an efficiency of 60-100 lumens per watt. Other LED bulbs can achieve upwards to 180 lm/w, so saving energy costs is easy when upgrading to any LED bulb. Compare efficiency of options as energy savings add up over time.

- Hour Rating: How long will the bulb last? LED bulbs can last years before burning out and depending on it's rating and usage, even decades. A bulb rated at 25,000hrs when used for 3 hours a day can last up to 22.8 years! For comparison, a traditional filament bulb rated at 1,000hrs won't even last a full year when used in a similar manner. Don't be fooled by products that promote how many years they last. Look at how many hours and compare that number to your application and other products you are considering. Here is a chart for more easy comparisons.

- Color: What is the color temperature of the bulb? When choosing color, there is more to consider than just the hue of the light. Lower temperature bulbs (2200k-2700k) produce a soft, warm yellow light ideal for bedrooms and other relaxing places. Medium temperature bulbs (3500k-4100k) produce a neutral-white light great for work and office spaces, while higher temperature bulbs (5000k-6500k) produce a cool white light mimicking daylight with a blue sky. Warmer color light actually allows the brain to create melatonin which helps us relax and sleep. Higher temperature colors help our brains create serotonin, which keeps us awake and focused. Tailor each room of your home or business with the right lighting to help keep you healthy and inspired.

- CRI (Color Rating Index): How vibrant do colors appear in the light? The Color Rating Index is a scale indicating how accurate a light is able to render color. The higher the CRI, the more vibrant and rich colors will appear to the naked eye. Ratings of 85-90 are considered good at color rendering. Above 90 is excellent, while the sun has a rating of 100.

- Price: How much does the bulb cost? The price is determined by weighing all the aforementioned factors, so it is important to consider all features to maximize the value of your bulb. In the long run, upgrading to the right LED bulb can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in energy and maintenance costs and provide your home or business with the kind welcoming, productive, healthy atmosphere to keep you feeling good.

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