Upgrade Your Lighting to LED

Dec 12, 2018

Hill Electric President Scott Schwartz on why you should upgrade your lighting to LED.

Why LED?
LED lighting saves electricity, lasts longer and offers greater control than older lights. There are LED lights for every application including indoor, outdoor, office, retail, warehouse and hospitality environments.

Why Now?
National Grid and NYSEG offer incentives and rebates to help lower the cost to upgrade your lighting. Most jobs we have worked on have an ROI of under one year and many upgrades can be done with NO MONEY OUT OF POCKET!

Get Started

Why Hill Electric?
Our lighting professionals have completed hundreds of jobs and want to maintain their reputation of excellence.
The services we offer include:
- Coming to your business and performing a free audit of your current lighting.
- Prepare a free lighting analysis with recommendations on new lighting.
- Propose a no obligation quotation for new lighting.
- Processing utility applications and follow-up paperwork for all of your rebates at no cost.
- And making sure you are satisfied - Guaranteed!

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