Helping our local Hospital save money with LED

Dec 27, 2019
Hill Electric Supply Lighting Retrofit Division has helped hundreds of businesses take advantage of National Grid incentives by switching to LED lighting. One of the most well known organizations in our area, Glens Falls Hospital, is saving more than $70,000 in energy costs and 680,000 kWh annually. Additionally, the hospital will save a significant amount of labor and maintenance time and money due to the long life of LED lighting. LED lighting does not generate the heat that traditional florescent and incandescent lighting, which will result in a decrease of energy used for air conditioning, as well. Glens Falls Hospital realized an ROI (Return on Investment) of under four months. In many cases, customers can accomplish switching to LED with no out of pocket money. The next time that you go to the hospital for a visit or an appointment, take notice of the inviting and pleasant atmosphere the lighting provides, that is free from buzzing and flickering. We, at Hill Electric Supply are proud to be part of the ongoing effort to make an impact on local businesses by helping them make the switch to LED lighting. Call our LED Lighting Retrofit Division at 518-793-3436 to schedule a free, no obligation assessment.

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