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At Contrast Lighting, the team focuses on excellence at every level. Their main goal is to offer superior quality lighting products at competitive prices and provide outstanding customer service. Since they seek to offer the very best in the field of recessed lighting fixtures, pendants, decorative glass shades, wall mounts and ornamental items, they advocate eight fundamental values. The positive outlook for the future is mirrored in support of these values and the accomplishment of the mission. At Contrast Lighting they want to rank among the best companies in the world in the lighting business. To achieve this, the company rely on top product quality, outstanding customer service and fast delivery. striving to offer a cooperative and stimulating work environment where employees are happy, clearly involved in daily activities and motivated by their strong commitment. These values represent the basis of past success and the foundation for future success. We at Dale Electric Supply want to provide our customers with the best quality and service in the industry to our customers. to do this we order products like lighting fixtures, lighting package items, recessed lighting, and lighting accessories, from Contrast Lighting.