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Connecting and protecting electrical loads is crucial to reliable, efficient and safe power management within a facility or at home. With the addition of Cooper Wiring Devices? broad portfolio of innovative electrical connectivity and control solutions, Eaton now offers commercial, industrial and residential construction markets the connectivity solutions needed to keep power accessible, reliable and safe. From switches, wall plates and receptacles to lighting controls and data management devices, Eaton?s wiring devices business brings a whole new level of connectivity to your facility, job site and home. Dale Electric Supply is proud to have partnered with cooper wiring devices to provide out customers with the best quality and variety of products the industry has to offer. products like, aluminum covers, aluminum outlet boxes, appliance switches cable grips, compression cu connectors, cord connectors, data communications, decora switches receptacles, dimmers, electrical supplies, fiberglass products, flourecent lighting fixtures, GFI receptacles, heaters thermostats, lamp bases, lamp holders, lamps, fan speed controls, liquid tite fittings, motion occupancy sensor, motor controls, phone/coax products, pin sleeve ends, plug fuses, plug-in outlet center, receptacles, screws, fasteners, strain reliefs, switches, tool kits, wall plates metal, wall plates plastic, wiring devices, and much more.