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Established in 1913, Killark has become a global provider of harsh and hazardous location products. The Killark range encompasses industrial and explosion proof fittings engineered to withstand the toughest extremes in climate from the dry and arid Middle East, tropical Asia to frozen Northern Canada. Safety and reliability has been the cornerstone of their business for almost a century. Killark is dedicated to meeting customer needs, with engineering solutions, new product development and on-time delivery in every phase of the project. This commitment underpins their proven ability to supply lower cost total system solutions and savings over the entire lifetime of a project. Dale Electric Supply orders products from Killark like lighting accessories, aluminum conduit bodies, aluminum covers, aluminum outlet boxes, ballasts, batteries & chargers, clamps, conduit hub, cord connectors, cords and cord sets, diecast bushings, diecast fittings, electrical supplies, emergency lighting, EMT conduit fittings. explosion proof lighting, explosion proof fittings, fire alarm equipment, flexible conduit fittings, fluorescent lamps, fuses, heat tapes, HID lighting, lamps, motor controls, photo control, PVC conduit access. steel covers, terminal blocks, weatherproof products, and wiring devices.