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Livex Lighting is a manufacturer and distributor of decorative residential lighting. Their company was founded in 1993 and is now headquartered in a 150,000 square foot facility in Somerset, New Jersey. Livex Lighting currently offers over 3,500 products. The goal of Livex Lighting is to provide the highest quality product at the most affordable price. Their products are highly detailed and meticulously finished by some of the best craftsmen in the business. They are constantly responding to the ever-changing needs, styles and fashions of the lighting industry while at the same time always maintaining the highest standards of quality. Dale Electric Supply is proud to order products such as bath and vanity lighting, lamp shades, landscape lighting, chandeliers, lighting fixtures, lighting pendants, outdoor lighting, table and floor lamps, wall brackets, wall sconces lighting and more from Livex Lighting so we can provide our customers with the best quality of products and service.