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Priority Wire and Cable is a premiere supplier of wire & cable serving electrical, utility, telecommunications, mining, and welding wholesale distributors. Incorporating in Little Rock, our Distributors need quick answers to wire quotes and the technical questions related to those quotes. They need wire suppliers with broad product offerings and quick ship capabilities. Competitive pricing with no hidden charges is a necessity. This "Turn and Earn" principle disables distributors from stocking specialty cables. As the distribution industry continues to move in the direction of a world economy, competition will force distributors to run smart, lean, service oriented businesses. Priority Wire & Cable, Inc. is the wire & cable solution for the intelligent distributor. PWC is doing things right. As Priority continues to expand its product base and open new locations, this industry leading growth is sure to continue. Dale Electric Supply is proud to order products from Priority Wire such as aluminium wire, communication wire, copper wire one conductor, electrical supplies, wire and more so that we can provide our customers with the best service and products available.