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At Quoizel, they create more than lighting. They create timeless pieces designed with you in mind. they do this by avoiding trends and fads, by balancing form and function and by making their choices thoughtfully. This kind of dedication, integrity and quality not only goes into the design of their products, but it?s in the way they do business as well. It?s why they have grown from a small company to become one of the nation?s leading manufacturers of fine decorative lighting. Founded in 1930 in New York, they relocated to Charleston, SC in 1996 to a state-of-the-art 500,000 square-foot facility. Though they have grown in size, they never lost sight of small business heritage. In fact, they remain privately held, family-owned and operated. Many of their products embody history of being artisans in glass and natural materials. They work with resources that will not only illuminate your living space but also enhance the beauty of your home. They are Quoizel, and it is their promise to help bring timeless design into your home, while building lasting relationships along the way. Dale Electric Supply is proud to order products such as medicine cabinets, outdoor lighting, Tiffany fixtures, and more so that we can provide our customers with the best quality of products and service available.