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Since 1903, the Appleton brand has been the hallmark for electrical products designed to protect people and equipment while delivering reliable power. They are a part of the EGS Electrical Group that supplies the widest range of lighting fixtures, electrical fittings, plugs and receptacles, control stations, distribution panels and more. All are manufactured with the highest quality materials and finishes. With the addition of ATX product lines and ongoing new product introductions, Appleton offers certified protection for any environment, from ordinary commercial settings to hazardous locations (NEC, CEC, IEC, ATEX, and more) and the harshest industrial conditions onshore or offshore. Dale Electric Supply Co. orders from Appleton on a daily bases, a wide variety of products such as, conduit bodies, emergency lighting, explosion proof lighting, motor controls, cable reels, plugs & receptacles, fittings and many more products. Contact customer service for a personalized quotation, to place an order, or check availability.